Elsmere Corridor

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In 2020, SD1 completed a sanitary sewer replacement project in Kenton County, eliminating sanitary sewer overflows and increasing sewer capacity for future growth and development in the region. 

SD1 installed approximately 1.5 miles of sewer pipe ranging from 18 inches to 24 inches along Bullock Pen Creek and an unnamed tributary in the wooded area south of Oxford Court to Eastern Avenue and East Covered Bridge Drive.

The $4.89 million project provided vital capacity needs to the area’s sanitary sewer system, conveying sewage from Elsmere, Florence and other areas to SD1’s Dry Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.

“The Elsmere Corridor Sewer Project is one of the most important infrastructure projects to be completed in Elsmere,” said Matthew Dowling, Elsmere city administrator. “This sewer project creates an opportunity for industrial growth that can produce a massive positive economic impact on not only Elsmere but the entire Northern Kentucky region.”

Prior to the Elsmere Corridor Sewer Project, heavy rain permeated the area’s aging pipes, overwhelming the sewer system and causing raw sewage to spill into the surrounding environment. SD1 estimates the system upgrades eliminated about 2.9 million gallons of typical-year SSOs, improving water quality and reducing the risk to public health.

“Generations will benefit from not only the great economic potential of this project but also the positive environmental impact,” Dowling said. “This future growth would not be possible without the investment and commitment from SD1.”