Licking River Double Siphon

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The Licking River Siphon is the location of the largest sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) in SD1’s collection system. Controlling this significant overflow requires a multi-phase approach, including installing a second 12-inch siphon pipe under the Licking River (downstream from the SSO) to provide more outlet capacity.

To construct the parallel 12-inch siphon, horizontal directional drilling was identified as the most efficient option due in part to the length of the river crossing, ground surface, river elevation profile and required diameter of the carrier pipe. 

This project is expected to reduce 42 million gallons of typical-year SSO volume; however, SD1's Licking River Equalization Tank Project and another planned conveyance project are required to fully eliminate the SSO and offset CSO impacts downstream of the double siphon. 

Status: In design.