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SD1 Public Records Request (KRS Chapter 61)

  1. Describe in specific detail the records being requested and provide date range of records. Attach additional sheets if necessary.
  2. Format for Records Requested*
  3. Delivery*
  4. Purpose of Request*
  5. State commercial purpose for which records will be used:
  6. An applicant who obtains public records in violation of KRS Section 61 may be liable to SD1 for damages equal to three (3) times the amount that would have been charged for the public record if the actual commercial purpose for which it was obtained or was used had been stated, costs and reasonable attorney's fees, and other penalties established by law.
  7. I understand that I am requesting copies of public records for only the commercial purpose stated above and that I will be required to pay for the cost of the copies as well as the cost of the staff required to produce a copy of the records and/or the cost to SD1 for the creation, purchase or other acquisition of public records.
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