Activities & Education

Fun Printables!

Our lovable fish mascot Splash McClean is eager to spread the word about how to be the solution to storm water pollution! Check out these free PDF printables that teach kids and residents of all ages how we can protect our waterways.

  • Splash McClean Coloring Page (PDF)
    Add your own splash of color to this fun Splash McClean coloring page!
  • Storm Water Word Search (PDF)
    Knowledge is the first step to being the solution to storm water pollution. Download this printable word search and learn some storm water lingo.
  • When It Rains It Drains Maze (PDF)
    When it rains it drains. Storm water runoff picks up pollutants like oil, litter, pesticides and pet waste from around the community as it flows toward storm drains. Unlike wastewater pipes, storm drains do not lead to a wastewater treatment plant. Instead, they lead directly to the nearest stream or body of water. Download this maze and help Splash direct storm water while avoiding common pollutants.
  • Storm Water Walk (PDF)
    Is your neighborhood storm water friendly? Next time you take a walk, use this handy activity sheet to identify storm water pollution problems and solutions. Together, we can help keep our water clean!
  • Best Management Practices - Who Am I? (PDF)
    Best management practices (BMPs) are effective ways to manage our land use and everyday activities to help slow the flow of storm water runoff and reduce storm water pollution. Learn more about what you can do to support clean water by helping Splash fill in the blanks on this BMP activity sheet.
  • Urban Storm Water Cycle Wheel (PDF)
    The water you drink today could be the same water dinosaurs drank long ago - thanks to our amazing water cycle! Earth has a limited amount of water that keeps cycling around and around. Have you ever wondered how rainwater gets from your rooftop into local waterways and then back into the clouds? Or how land use and development can impact water movement and water quality?
  • Storm Water Crossword Puzzle (PDF)
    Puzzled by storm water management? Help Splash complete this crossword puzzle and learn the facts!

Fun Experiments!

Wastewater Education

SD1’s wastewater curriculum teaches students and community members what happens to water after it is used. Geared towards middle school students, these lessons teach about SD1's role in the community, daily activities that use water and just how much water a person uses every day.

Wastewater Lesson Curriculum (PDF)Wastewater treatment process curriculum lesson sheet.
Add It Up - Part 1 - School Usage Lesson (PDF)Students will be introduced to SD1’s role in the community, learn the term "wastewater" and discuss daily activities that use water. They will discover the amount of water used by the average individual and the amount of water used by their class in a single day of school. They will compare and analyze data, make bar graphs and participate in an environmental discussion.
Add It Up - Part 2 - Home Usage Lesson (PDF)Students will be able to measure the amount of water they use at home on an average day and will develop an awareness of how much water they consume and dirty. They will compare and analyze data, work in groups, calculate percentages and angle measures, construct and interpret basic circle graphs, present their findings and participate in an environmental discussion.
Wastewater Service VideoVisualize how wastewater is treated at SD1 by following a drop of water down the drain and through the sewer then into the wastewater treatment plant (where it is cleaned) before depositing back into the river.

SD1 also offers guided tours and field trips to groups that want to learn more about the wastewater treatment process.