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Public Service Park (PSP)

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SD1 invites you to visit a one-of-a-kind facility, the Public Service Park.

Whether you are curious about our green roof, looking to take a quiet walk or searching for a wetland adventure, the Park provides an interactive learning experience you won’t soon forget. Along your journey, you’ll learn why it is important to reduce the amount of pollution entering our streams and rivers through storm water runoff.

The park features more than 10 best management practices (BMPs) for controlling storm water runoff. Thanks to donations from private citizens, the park also features three interactive art sculptures (PDF) that help us reach people with different learning styles.

Take a Self-Guided Tour of the Park

Signs are posted throughout the park to explain its features in detail. Take a walk through the park, and read the signs to learn why storm water management matters.

Mobile Audio TourYou can also tour the Park with your cell phone. Find 10 listen-and-learn features wherever you see a circular blue "Mobile Audio Tour" sign in the park.

Locate the mobile tour stops by printing the Public Service Park brochure (PDF).

Guided Tour or Field Trip

Learn more about scheduling a guided tour or field trip.

*Notice: Use of SD1's park and facilities are at your own risk under KRS KY 411.190, Kentucky State Recreational User Statutes.