What should I do if I suspect my sewer lateral is defective?

If you suspect a defect in your sewer lateral is contributing to a visible pavement failure, a building backup or a sewer overflow, you should call SD1 at 859-578-7450. If SD1 determines the issue is not related to the public sewer line, you will need to call a licensed plumber to investigate your private sewer lateral. If the plumber determines the defect is in the lateral below the public roadway, the following requirements must be met in order for SD1 to perform services through our lateral repair program:

  • You must provide SD1 with conclusive evidence, including a plumber’s video recording, showing that the problem is below the public roadway and cannot be fixed through routine maintenance. Routine maintenance issues, including root or grease obstructions or removable blockage, remain the responsibility of the private property owner. Video evidence must clearly show the cause of the sewer lateral malfunction.
  • Your plumber must locate the problem using a “locating device” and clearly mark the location on the surface of the roadway with spray paint or another appropriate material. Merely measuring the distance to the problem will not suffice.
  • Before SD1 will perform any work, the private property owner must sign an agreement holding SD1 harmless from any litigation resulting from the lateral repair project. If you are able to demonstrate that the lateral defect is located beneath the public roadway and cannot be corrected through routine maintenance, you should call SD1 Customer Care at 859-578-7450 to request service through the lateral repair program. 

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