What is sanitation or sanitary sewer service?

Sanitation is the treatment, cleaning, and proper disposal of your wastewater. Our treatment plants treat about 35 million gallons of wastewater each day. Each individual, on average, creates 80 to 100 gallons of wastewater daily. SD1 has more than 1,600 miles of wastewater pipe, 125 pump stations, and three major treatment plants in Northern Kentucky 

Activities that Impact your Wastewater Bill

  1. Taking a shower or bath
  2. Doing laundry
  3. Using and flushing of the toilet  
  4. Washing your hands 
  5. Washing the dishes

Listed above are some common examples of activates that require water to be sanitized, cleaned and treated at our various treatment plants before it is allowed to renter our local waterways. Any water that goes down a drain in your home or business is considered wastewater. 

To learn more about how SD1 determines your winter usage factor, visit our Understanding Your Bill page.

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