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Posted on: May 10, 2023

SD1 Using Trenchless Technology to Reduce Costs, Minimize Disruptions

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FORT WRIGHT, Ky. – Sanitation District No. 1 (SD1) recently incorporated an innovative trenchless technology known as partial pipe relining to lower the cost of traditional sewer repairs. This new approach not only significantly reduces costs compared to conventional methods, but also brings substantial environmental and community benefits.

Pipe relining is a modern solution for damaged sewer pipes that eliminates the need for costly excavation. With this approach, an epoxy-coated sleeve is inserted into a damaged sewer pipe from an above-ground manhole access lid. The sleeve is then inflated and left to cure, resulting in a sturdy new pipe within the old one. Like traditional repairs, the newly lined pipe reduces the likelihood of sewer backups and overflows.

This approach limits damage to the surrounding landscape and makes it possible for SD1 to complete repairs in just a few hours, compared to traditional repairs that require excavation over several days. Furthermore, trenchless technology significantly reduces or eliminates common construction disturbances such as excessive noise and dust from excavation equipment, thereby reducing the impact of sewer repairs on local residents and traffic patterns.

SD1 began implementing this method last year on specific regional sewer projects and the District estimates average cost savings of $2,000 to $5,000 per project compared to conventional repair methods.

SD1 is currently using pre-made pipe relining kits, but as crew members gain more experience with the technology, the District plans to purchase bulk materials, which will lead to an even greater reduction in costs.

"Pipe relining is a cost-effective, efficient and minimally disruptive method of repairing our region's aging sewer pipes," said Project Manager Randy Schneider. "SD1 is proud to incorporate this innovative technology to improve the way we serve our community as we continue to provide reliable and efficient wastewater and stormwater services."

Schneider noted that pipe relining technology is not suitable for every sewer repair project. Factors determining whether this new approach is used include depth of the pipe and the extent of the damage.

SD1 plans to use pipe relining on approximately 50 projects across the region in 2023.

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SD1 is responsible for the collection and treatment of northern Kentucky’s wastewater and also serves as the regional storm water management agency. SD1 is the second largest public sewer utility in Kentucky, serving more than 347,000 residents throughout Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties. SD1 maintains approximately 1,685 miles of sanitary-sewer system pipeline, 126 wastewater pumping stations, 15 flood pump stations, six package treatment plants, three major wastewater treatment plants, 441 miles of storm-sewer system and 32,915 storm-sewer structures. Stay up to date on SD1 news by following the District on Facebook and Twitter, @SanitationDist1.

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