Utility Line Locate

Prior to submitting your locate request to SD1, please read the following information below.

  • Upon receiving your request, SD1 has two full working days, not including weekends or holidays, to locate and mark SD1-owned infrastructure in the area of work. Please note that it is your responsibility to contact any other utilities, including Kentucky 811, within your area of work.
  • SD1 will respond to your request by either marking SD1-owned infrastructure at your requested area(s) with green paint/flags or by notifying you via email that SD1-owned infrastructure is clear and not within the area(s) you identified.
  • Locate requests are valid for 21 calendar days from the date submitted. If your project will not be completed within that time, please submit to SD1 at least two full working days prior to the expiration of your request to obtain a re-mark, or sooner if the markings are no longer visible or the work location has changed. Should you request a re-mark, SD1 will again have two full working days, not including weekends or holidays, to respond.
  • Once SD1-owned infrastructure is located, you must avoid digging within a distance not to exceed the combined width of the underground facility plus 18 inches measured from the outer edge of each side of the underground facility. If you must dig in that area, you can only use hand tools.
  • You are responsible for having private lines marked on the property. Private lines are lines that are owned and maintained by the property owner. These include, but are not limited to, your private sewer lateral or underground lines servicing pools, grills, lighting or outbuildings.
  • Please visit the private locates section of the Kentucky 811 website to find out more on how to get private lines marked.
  • You are responsible for making sure the locator has access to the request location site.
  • Once your request is submitted you will receive confirmation that SD1 has received your line locate request. Via SD1’s online maps, SD1 will determine if there is any SD1-owned infrastructure to mark. If the line locate request area is clear of SD1 infrastructure, the requestor will receive an email confirmation with a message stating there is no SD1 infrastructure in the area requested. If there is SD1-owned infrastructure within the requested area, SD1 will field verify and mark SD1 infrastructure if applicable. The requestor will then receive a confirmation email that the line locate request has been completed.
  • Upon submitting this locate request, the submitter acknowledges and agrees that SD1 is not liable for any harm or damage unless caused directly by SD1’s negligence.

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