Amsterdam Valley Regional Detention Basin

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SD1 partnered with a developer, Condoview, LLC, to build a regional storm water detention basin to address some of the storm-water-related issues that exist in the area.

This regional detention basin has a capacity of approximately 3.5 million gallons. It will collect storm water runoff from an approximately 145-acre drainage area. 

The basin will provide the following benefits:

  • Drastic improvement for flooding to the area and downstream subdivision.
  • Reduction of approximately 11.5 million gallons of typical-year combined sewer overflow, with potential for higher volume reduction with installation of additional controls.
  • Eliminates twp combined sewer discharges in the immediate area. 
  • Eliminates a landslide into the northbound leg of Amsterdam Road, which causes road closure and driving safety concerns.
  • Increases the level of service with respect to flooding and basement backup further downstream of the project area.