Certified Tapper Program

Only persons engaged in the sewer construction or plumbing business can become certified as a Certified Tapper. Only persons certified as Certified Tappers by SD1 will be allowed to connect sanitary building sewer and/or building storm sewer to SD1’s sewer system or abandon any sanitary building sewer and/or building storm sewer to SD1’s sewer system.  

All connections made directly to the sanitary line/combined sewer, separate storm sewer, manhole and abandonment of service laterals will require an inspection by an SD1 representative. These changes were initiated:

  • To help eliminate the number of illegal and improper taps being made throughout the collection system; 
  • To help maintain the integrity of the sewer system by reducing the amount of inflow and infiltration that can enter the system through bad taps or improper abandonment of service laterals;
  • To ensure that unused taps are abandoned properly;
  • To provide an avenue for SD1 to keep certified tappers informed about changes to the Rules and Regulations or specifications for tapping the system.  

Those who receive this certification will be added to a Certified Tappers List which will be made available to the general public through SD1.

Certification Process

Applicants are required to view a presentation and pass a written exam before their certification will be issued. The Tapper Certification Application, bond and fee must be turned in prior to taking the test. Additional refresher training programs will be provided as requested or deemed necessary by SD1.

Following the successful completion of this test, each applicant will receive a photo certification identification (ID) which will contain their individual certification number.  Certified Tappers will be required to display this ID at the time of the inspection.

Certification Renewal

Certified Tappers will be required to renew their certification on an annual basis in March. A notification is mailed to all active certified tappers with instructions on how to renew. When you renew, you will receive a new ID. 

If your license has already expired, you are considered inactive and will have to apply to become a Certified Tapper. 

Associated Costs

Individuals and/or companies interested in having their employees certified must post a bond (reference the latest SD1 Rates and Fee Schedule (PDF) for the bond amount). This bond will be used to cover costs for correcting improper taps if not fixed within an appropriate time frame or to complete unfinished work. There is no limit to the number of Certified Tappers that a company may have under this bond as long as they are employed by the company.

In addition to the bond, each individual who wishes to be certified is required to pay an application fee (see current SD1 Rates and Fee Schedule (PDF) which must accompany the Tapper Certification Application. To renew this certification, individuals will be required to pay an annual renewal fee (see current SD1 Rates and Fee Schedule (PDF)). Both the initial application fee and the certification renewal fee are required to cover the administrative costs of the program.

Loss of Certification & Fines

When improper or illegal taps are installed and not corrected, certification may be revoked for a period of not less than one year and certification will only be reissued after successful completion of the training program.  

Fines may be levied against individuals and/or companies that do not comply with SD1’s Rules and Regulations and complete a sewer tap without the required certification. Those responsible will be liable for resulting damages and fines shall be levied as detailed on the Fee Schedule.

Summary of Certification Steps

  1. Download the Tapper Manual or request a hard copy.
  2. Review Tapper Manual.
  3. Company must submit the bond, Application for Sewer Tapper Certification and the fee prior to the taking the online course.
  4. Submit request to take online course.
  5. Once you receive login information for the training, log in and review the presentation.
  6. Complete the test.
  7. If the test is submitted, you will be notified of pass/fail status within 10 business days. If passed, a photo certification identification will be mailed at that time.