Watershed Characterization Reports

As identified in the original Consent Decree (PDF), SD1 has established four study basins (East, Central, North and West), which encompass Northern Kentucky’s watersheds. Watershed characterization reports were developed for sixteen watersheds for the purpose of describing the:

  • Infrastructure
  • Land Cover
  • Physical and Natural Features
  • Potential Pollutant Sources
  • Waterbody Conditions
  • Other Features in Each Watershed

Information Use

This information will allow SD1 and other interested parties to develop an understanding of important features, pollutant sources and water quality in the watersheds.


In addition to the sixteen individual reports, a summary report describes an overview of the study area features and SD1’s efforts to characterize conditions within the 592 square mile area. These reports will be updated periodically as new information becomes available.

Information About Each Watershed

Norther Kentucky Watershed Map (JPG)