Payment Options

We know convenience is important to our customers, so SD1, in partnership with Paymentus, offers a variety of ways for customers to pay their bill.

Please note that some payment options will include a pass-through convenience fee that is charged by and goes directly to Paymentus, SD1’s third-party vendor. Learn which options include a convenience fee in the payment options chart (PDF).

Important Notes About Payments

  • Have your account number available when making a payment. If you do not know your account number and we have an your email on file, you can request your account number at our Customer Account Lookup page.
  • If you are making a payment through Paymentus (online or over the phone) there is a $215,000 per transaction limit for ACH payments and $1,000 per transaction limit for all other payment methods. Multiple payments can be made if your balance is over the $1,000 limit.
  1. Auto Withdrawal
  2. Drop Box
  3. E-Bill
  4. In-Person
  5. Mail
  6. Online, One-Time
  7. Phone

Register online to have your payments automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account or automatically charged to your credit card.

If you sign up for the auto withdrawal option through Paymentus, be sure to cancel any previous auto withdrawal you have set up to pay your SD1 bill.

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