Rain Barrel Program

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SD1 is offering the "RAINTAINER" rain barrel for $75.00 plus tax.

What is a rain barrel and why should you buy one?
  • On-site storm water collection system
  • Collect and store water runoff from your roof
  • Reduce cost on your water utility bill
  • Aid in the reduction of water pollution, flooding and erosion issue
    • Decreases combined sewer overflows
    • Decreases sanitary sewer overflows
  • For additional benefits of using a rain barrel, click here.

How does a rain barrel work?

  • Downspout from your roof must be cut and fitted into the top of the barrel 
  • As it rains the rain barrel fills up with rain water from your roof
  • The collected water can be used to irrigate landscaping, but should be drained from the barrel before the next rain event 
  • Once the barrel reaches capacity, there are two options to manage the excess rain water: 
    Option 1: Partial Downspout Connection

     Direct your downspout into a rain barrel or other rain water harvesting device - remember to connect the overflow back into the storm water system.

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    Option 2: Total Downspout Disconnection

    Completely remove your downspout from the storm water system. Do this by piping your downspout onto your yard or into a rain garden.

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The Raintainer: Is this the rain barrel for you? view photos of the Raintainer 
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Brown color to blend in with mulch, brick and surroundings
  • Has a removable planter top
  • Offers a self-watering "wick" for the planter top
  • Offers overflow for partial or total disconnection options
  • Two industrial grade spigots
    • One located 12-inches up from the bottom of the barrel for use in filling watering cans of buckets
    • One located at the bottom of the barrel to be used for a soaker or standard hose
  • Minimal effort for winterizing
  • Made with recyclable plastic

How do you order a Raintainer?

Click below to download the Raintainer order form and terms and conditions:

What do you need to bring when you pick up your Raintainer?

  • A copy of your proof of purchase which will be provided by SD1 once your order has been filled
  • A vehicle big enough to transport your barrel(s) home (Raintainers are 39" long and 24" in diameter)

How can you share this information with others?

Please feel free to direct others to the SD1 website or click here to print a copy of the Raintainer flyer.

Who should you contact at SD1 with additional questions?

You may contact Craig Frye at 859-547-1647 or email us with additional questions.  

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