Commercial FOG

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SD1’s fats, oils and grease (FOG) program regulates food service establishments (FSEs) because they have the potential to release FOG into the sewer system due to the high volume of food prepared and processed at these facilities. FOG damages the sanitary sewer system, clogs collection points and can cause sanitary sewer overflows. It is, therefore, important that owners, managers and employees of FSEs understand how to responsibly manage FOG.

To learn how your FSE can manage and reduce the amount of FOG entering your plumbing and the sewer system, click here.

New Regulations

SD1’s FOG Management Policy , which went into effect January 1, 2012, requires all new and significantly renovated or remodeled FSEs to install and maintain an approved 1,000-2,500 gallon grease interceptor located outside of the


FSE building. This equipment must be inspected and certified annually. FSEs that do not comply with these regulations face potential enforcement action. For that reason, FSE owners are responsible for ensuring that their facility’s grease control equipment (GCE) is designed and constructed according to SD1’s guidelines. 

To view a step-by-step guide for GCE sizing and approval, click here.

To download the Plan Submission/Exmeption Request form, click here.

Exemptions and Alternative Design Requests

To address circumstances in which required GCE size or design may not be compatible with existing buildings, plumbing, etc., or the FSE is a single-service kitchen with no onsite food preperation (heat-and-serve only) and uses only disposable service ware (utensils), the FSE may be considered for an Exemption or Alternative Design request.

To receive consideration for an Exemption or an Alternative Design request, the FSE owner or designee must complete the Plan Submission/Exemption Request form and submit it to:

Attn: Plan Review Group
1045 Eaton Drive 
Ft. Wright KY, 41017

To learn more about grease interceptors and grease traps, click here.

FSE FOG Questionnaire and FOG Permits

To download a copy of the FSE FOG Questionnaire, click here. For questions about the questionnaire or FOG permits, contact SD1's Industrial Pretreatment Department.

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