Cities, Counties and Co-Permittees: Storm Water Management

Individual cities and counties in Northern Kentucky are required to meet federal regulations, including “minimum control measures” (MCMs), for controlling storm water runoff and protecting local streams. Rather than take on each of these as individual governments, most Northern Kentucky cities and counties rely on SD1 to manage these regulations on their behalf, with help from local city and county leadership. 

As a result, state and federal regulators have issued one permit to SD1, with more than 30 Northern Kentucky cities and counties listed as co-permittees. Each entity’s roles and responsibilities are further defined in interlocal agreements and Northern Kentucky’s Storm Water Quality Management Plan, which outlines how Northern Kentucky will comply with storm water regulations.

Co-Permittee Handbook

The Co-Permittee Handbook is a guide to Northern Kentucky’s Regional Storm Water Program for SD1’s co-permittees. Among other items, the handbook includes quick-reference compliance tables that outline how Northern Kentucky is complying with regulations and who is responsible for each activity. For a copy of the handbook, contact SD1 at

Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping

SD1 and co-permittees share the responsibilities of pollution prevention and good housekeeping in Northern Kentucky. To aid co-permittees in meeting the pollution prevention requirements of the Phase II Permit, SD1 has developed several tools:
  • Co-Permittee Pollution Prevention Toolkit
    This toolkit contains resources including the Household Hazardous Waste Resource Guide, BMP “Tip of the Month” posters and sign-out sheets for borrowing a pollution prevention training video. To request a toolkit for your city or county, contact SD1 at
  • Co-Permittee Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan Template
    SD1 and all co-permittees are required to develop operation and maintenance plans for municipal facilities and operations. To meet this requirement, SD1 developed a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) template that can be tailored to different needs, such as for storing materials outdoors or street sweeping.
  • Best Management Practices (BMP) Fact Sheets
    Municipal facilities can use these BMP fact sheets to help prevent storm water pollution. 

Key Documents

SD1 must compose reports to show compliance with permit regulations. SD1 periodically updates Northern Kentucky’s Storm Water Management Plan to outline how SD1 and co-permittees will comply with the regulations for the duration of the permit. SD1 must also submit an annual report to the Kentucky Division of Water (KDOW) to document what activities, regulations and policies SD1 and co-permittees have developed to meet permit requirements each year. Copies of these reports and other key storm water management documents are below:

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