SD1 Projects in Kenton County

Projects currently in progress in Kenton County:

Jacob Price Sewer Separation Project

Project Description: SD1 is installing new storm water pipes in the Jacob Price area of Covington along Robbins Street, Prospect Street, 9th Street, 10th Street and 11th Street. This project will create separate sewer systems for storm water from rain and snowfall and the wastewater that is flushed and drained from nearby homes and businesses, reducing the risk of sewer overflows in the Licking River. Because the new sewer system will be constructed beneath the affected roads, road closures, detours and traffic delays are anticipated. For more information, click here.

Project Location: Covington

Estimated Start Date (Phase 2): August 2018

Estimated Completion Date (Phase 2): Spring 2019

Project Manager: Spencer Stork

Need more information? Email or call 859-578-7450 and ask to speak to Spencer Stork. Reference project number S580-11-01.

Lakeside Park (Hudson Avenue) Sewer Improvement Project

Project Description: SD1 will be constructing sewer improvements along and near Hudson Avenue. These improvements include the replacement and enlargement of a deteriorating sanitary sewer pipe and installation of a new, separate storm water pipe. The work will take place under and along Hudson Avenue, in the public right of way and where SD1 has previously obtained easements from private property owners. This project will reduce the risk of sewage backups in basements and sanitary sewer overflows in nearby creeks, streets and yards. Learn more in the project fact sheet.

Project Location: Lakeside Park

Estimated Start Date: June 2017

Estimated Completion Date: November 2018

Project Manager: Daniel Doss

Need more information? Email or call 859-578-7450 and ask to speak to Daniel Doss.

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