Learn More about Proposed Sanitary Sewer Rate Realignment

05/07/2019 -

There is some confusion out there about SD1's proposed sanitary sewer rate realignment. In essence, this proposed structure is about keeping rates affordable for our customers. 

There are many customers who are paying more than they should for sewer services, and we believe that is not fair. This plan reduces sewer rates for everyone in Northern Kentucky who pays above average sewer bills.

Low-volume users will still be paying less than high-volume users, but the gap between them will shrink under this plan. Given that the vast majority of SD1 costs are fixed, this will more closely align rates with actual costs and create a fairer system for all.

For low-income and/or fixed-income residents who are also low-volume customers, we are working with the Brighton Center to develop a Customer Assistance Program that will help them adjust to the impact of this realignment.

If you have questions, we highly encourage you to check out the links below. 

Video: SD1 Board Meeting (select December 18, 2018)
Video: SD1 Board Meeting (select April 16)
Presentation to Boone County Fiscal Court (select April 23)
Video: Presentation to Campbell County Fiscal Court (May 1)
Video: Public Meeting (May 9)

: SD1 Residential Sanitary Rate Realignment
Northern Kentucky Tribune: SD1 to consider implementation of base rate for customers (May 7)
Northern Kentucky Tribune: Following public meeting, SD1 base rate appears headed to Fiscal Courts for approval (May 12)

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