Sanitary Sewer Billing

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Most SD1 bills reflect charges for two different services: sanitary sewer and storm water. The sanitary sewer fee supports the removal and treatment of wastewater and all water that goes down drains. For more information on the storm water fee, please click here.

Approved Rate and Fee Schedule for Fiscal Year 2016

SD1's average residential sanitary sewer rates are still lower than most other regional wastewater utilities and below national averages.

For complete list of SD1's residential rates and fees, click here.  

Activating or Canceling Your Sanitary Sewer Service

To activate or cancel your sanitary sewer service, residential or non-residential, please contact your water district. SD1 bills from water district records, therefore these changes must be made through them.
  • Boone County Water District: 859-586-6155
  • Florence Water District: 859-371-5714 
  • Northern Kentucky Water District: 859-578-9898

Every time you flush, you add wastewater to the sanitary sewer system.

Residential Sanitary Sewer Billing Methodology

Sewage and all water that goes down drains, is channeled to a sanitary sewer system. SD1 calculates a home's sanitary sewer charge based on water usage records provided by your local water district because water coming into a home usually exits through a drain that leads to the sanitary sewer system. However, summertime outdoor activities like washing a car or watering a lawn use water that does not drain into the sanitary sewer system. To compensate for this disparity, SD1's sanitary sewer charge is based on a winter usage factor. This takes out of consideration water used outdoors while still reflecting water usage that typically takes place year-round, such as washing clothes, taking showers and cleaning dishes.

The usage factor is calculated annually based on water usage occurring during the previous October 1 through April 30 period for residential customers serviced by Northern Kentucky Water District and Florence Water District, as measured by public water supply meters. The usage factor for residential customers serviced by Boone County Water District is calculated annually based on water usage occurring during the previous November 1 through February 28 period, as measured by public water supply meters.

Choosing to conserve water during the winter months can reduce your usage factor and lower you bill. Click here to learn more about water conservation.

To learn more about filling the swimming pool in your backyard, click here.   


Cleaned wastewater flows from the Eastern Regional Water Reclamation Facility.

Non-residential Sanitary Sewer Billing Methodology 

Non-residential wastewater customers are bill year-round based on their actual water usage because water needs for non-residential users do not follow the same predictable patterns as residential users. Usage can fluctuate depending on other factors such as production schedule. 

Since non-residential customers are billed year-round on actual usage, they may choose to enroll in our special meter program. A special meter will monitor any water used outside that does not flow directly into the sanitary sewer system. Non-residential customers may then apply for a refund for this usage once a year. Please click here to review the terms and conditions of the program as stated in section 403 of SD1's Rules and Regulations. Customers should read and understand these regulations prior to purchasing and installing the special meter. For complete list of SD1's non-residential rates and fees, click here

If you are a non-residential customer inquiring about your swimming pool, click here.

To review SD1's Rules and Regulations regarding billing methodology, please click here. Billing methodology information can be found in section 401.

Sanitary Sewer Billing Frequency

Residential Customers are billed by SD1 on a monthly basis. Non-residential customers are billed by SD1 on a quarterly basis. In the event of an over-payment or credit balance on an account, a bill is still sent out, but the amount due will appear in parentheses, indicating that no funds are owed to SD1 at the current time.

SD1 switched to monthly billing in 2010. The total additional cost per account holder per month for monthly billing was $0.28. That cost is offset by:
  • The elimination of second notices to customers who do not pay by their due date. With monthly billing, the past due amount appears on the next statement. 
  • Online payments accepted through MyCheckFree.
  • Automatic withdrawal payments accepted by SD1's customer service department. Click here to learn more about autowithdrawal.

The sanitary sewer system carries sewage to the Dry Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Determining the Sanitary Sewer Rate

SD1 utilizes a detailed financial tool that evaluates when rate and fee adjustments are needed. Following a 30-day public comment period, proposed rate adjustments are reviewed and approved by SD1's eight-member citizen Board of Directors and the Judges Executive of Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties. Rate changes of more than 5 percent require the approval of at least two of the three counties' fiscal courts.

Sanitary Sewer Projects

Your sanitation charge provides for the removal and treatment of wastewater from your toilet, sink, washing machine, dishwasher and other drains 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is SD1's mission to protect the environment and public health by ensuring wastewater travels through effective pipes and pump stations and is cleaned in technologically-advanced treatment facilities. SD1 operates and maintains over 1,600 miles of sanitary sewer line, 135 wastewater pumping stations, 15 flood pump stations, eight package treatment plants and three major wastewater treatment plants.

Projects to update and improve the sanitary sewer system are ongoing. Please click here for a list of SD1's current major projects.
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