Public Service Park

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SD1 invites you to visit Public Service Park (PSP). The park is dedicated to those who enhance Northern Kentucky's quality of life through public service. Featuring environmental best management practices (BMPs) and cutting edge public educational programming, PSP is a national model for environmental outreach.


Whether you are curious about our vegetated roof, looking to take a quiet walk, or searching for a wetland adventure, PSP provides an empowering and interactive learning experience you won't soon forget! Along your journey, you'll learn why it is important to reduce the amount of pollution entering our streams and rivers through storm water runoff.

This one-of-a-kind, innovative facility features the following educational tools and Best Management Practices (BMP's):

  • Vegetated roof
  • Wetland classroom
  • Storm water garden
  • Retention and detention basins
  • Vegetated bioswales
  • Native meadow
  • Watershed plaza
  • Oil/water separator
  • Porous pavements
  • Cistern
  • Urban forest
  • Environmental art sculptures
  • Native American creek walk and more!

Click to view a printable description of the best management practices highlighted at Public Service Park.

Self-guided Tour

Informational signs are posted throughout the park to explain the park’s features in detail. Take a walk through the park, and read the signs to learn about the importance of storm water management!

Mobile Audio Tour

You can also tour PSP with your cell phone!

Ten listen-and-learn features can be found throughout the park wherever you see a circular blue “Mobile Audio Tour” sign. Access the mobile tour by calling 859-592-3360 and pressing the “stop” number on the sign. You can also use a QR reader app on your smart phone to scan the QR code on the signs. To hear a sample of the listen-and-learn recordings before you visit PSP, click on the interactive map above!

To find out where the mobile tour stops are located, click to view a printable version of the Public Service Park brochure.

Field Trip Opportunities 

Click here to learn more about field trip opportunities at Public Service Park.

Environmental Art in Education

While developing the educational programming, SD1 was challenged to find a way to reach all styles of learning for the students and residents that visit PSP. SD1 incorporated history, technology, chemistry, math and English into the structured field trips and tours. Environmental art is also an important component of the park. 

Art in education has been proven to make a tremendous impact on the developmental growth of children and has proven to help level the "learning field" across socio-economic boundaries. Art peices also provide cultural and aesthetic value to communities and landscapes. With this in mind, SD1 implemented three limestone relief carvings at PSP, sculpted by local artists Karen Heyl and Allan Nairn. Each sculpture has an accompanying lesson in the Field Notebook that the students carry with them as part of the field trip to the site, making each sculpture a unique interactive feature that encompasses art as an educational medium. The power of art in education has limitless potential! 

All three sculptures have been 100 percent funded by private dollars. SD1 would like to thank all contributors for their continued support of our educational outreach efforts. 

Click here to meet artists Karen Heyl and Allan Nairn, and to view the completed sculptures. 

 SD1's administrative office, 1045 Eaton Drive, Ft. Wright, Kentucky
For directions to our office, click here

Hours of Operation: 8 a.m. to dusk, seven days a week

*Notice: Use of SD1's park and facilities are at your own risk under KRS KY 411.190, Kentucky State Recreational User Statutes.

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